Multiple polygons

Dear All,

I’d like to start by admitting that I am only a beginner in coding, therefore I used Builder as a basis. In Builder I created some stimuli, where a dot grows from one size to another. It worked as expected. However instead of one dot I need a grid of 21 by 21 dots. A workaround I found was simply replicating the script changing the coordinates in python. It works almost well, the dots are located where I want them to and the size increases, but (I think it is due to the lag) the speed of change is probably slower hence it doesnt grow to its full size.

Can someone recommend a better way to replicate the polygons?

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One way is to use the pre-built Dots component, you can change the size of the dots over time by setting dot size to update each frame. However, because of how they’re drawn, the dots all have to be the same size.

If you need to control each dot individually, then drawing 21 polygons is probably the best way to go. What kind of function are you using to set the dot sizes? Is there any objective measurement you could test it against? e.g. if you’re setting them in height units to be t/10 then you would expect them to reach the size of the screen after 10s, so running a test like that to make sure they reach that size in that time would allow you to see if they are running slower than expected.