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Multiple Images in One Trial


I am a PhD student with absolutely zero knowledge in coding (in fact, my brain seems to be incapable of understanding coding). I am trying to create a single object visual perceptual task that is trying to measure perceptual threshold (minimum amount of information required for accurate perception of objects).

The idea is that I have a set of 54 images of objects. There are 20 sets of this set of 54 images at varying levels of bluriness (i.e. set 1: all 54 images are 100% blurred, set 2: all 54 images are 95% blurred, etc.). Ideally, I would like Trial 1 to present set 1 (i.e. all 54 images 100% blurred) in random order before moving onto Trial 2 which will present set 2 in random order and so on.

My question is: In creating, say, Trial 1, is there a way in which I can tell PsychoPy to present all pictures from a specific folder (say Trial 1 folder) in random order or do I have to insert each image one-by-one within each trial? I can’t seem to figure this out.


Hello, I think we should clarify your design terminology. Are you really trying to present 54 images in one trial, or do you mean one stimulus per trial, repeated 54 times in a block of trials?