Moving backwards


I am developing a task with the following flow:

  1. instructions
  2. an image is presented
  3. questions about the image need to be answered. Here, I would like to allow participants to move backwards and forwards, i.e., to go back to the image screen if they need to have a further look while answering questions about it and once they are done checking the image, then can move back to the questions.

I already have the 1, 2, 3 sequence running well. What I cannot implement is the moving backwards/forwards step. Any ideas on how I could achieve that?

Thanks a lot for the help!

@clarappc, you need a slide show / image carousel. You want to:

  • Create a list of images, or import a list from the conditions file e.g.,
    listOfImages = [im1, im2, im3]
  • For each trial, present a single image from a list using an image component - for this, the image is
    indexed from the list e.g., image.image = listOfImages[index]
  • Control the presentation of images using a keyboard by changing the value of the list index using left and right keys

Here is an example using a text component, which is adaptable if you switch the text components, lists etc with image components and references to images.

carousel.psyexp (8.8 KB)

@dvbridges, thank you for your input! I will try this solution out. :+1: