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Mouse click save correct response

Hi all, so I have an experiment about emotion recognition, and I created 6 boxes with 6 different emotions, participants are required to click on the correct boxes to select the correct emotion. May I know how can I store correct responses on my data files? Thank you in advance!

Emotion-recognition task (internship).psyexp (38.0 KB)

Chinese_Phone.xlsx (9.7 KB)

In the Data tab of the :mouse: Mouse component there’s an option to save what objects were clicked on, but I think you could achieve what you’re trying to do more easily by using a :slider: Slider component - if you set granularity to 1, set the labels to be the emotions you’ve got here and set the style to be “radio”, it would do much the same as you’re doing here but with just 1 component instead of 13

Thank you for your kind response!

It solved my issue! Thank you very much.