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Microphone error

OS: Win10
PsychoPy version : 1.85.2

Hi, everyone! I tried to use microphone in my experiment, but had this message.
Then I tried to change setings in server path and now I get this message ‘AttributeError: pyo server not created’

Hi AnnArt,

I had a similar problem. Check below and you will find my discussion with Daniel. It is called “Problems to record audio with builder”. He helped a lot. Just for curiosity, are you using mac or windows?


Hi, Alvaro,

Thank you for your help! I read your discussion before but I still have the same problem even after trying thing you did, psychopy always says that a server doesn’t exist.

I use windows 10

I see. Yeah, it is a struggle. Have you tried it in a mac, though? It seems that it’s easier to get it work on those systems.