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Memory Leak when launching program

Good evening,

I am having an issue with the launching of my program having a giant memory leak

Once the program is launched, it spikes down to ~200 mb

The program is fairly basic, it has 6 text components, 2 polygon, 3 key resp, 2 custom code, an outer loop and an inner loop (can provide more info if you’d like).
It’s tied to a 32 condition - 5 parameter CSV file.

Any advice would be helpful.

@nsurdel, which version of PsychoPy are you using? Is it standalone?

See the linked post. There was an issue with Pyglet text causing a memory leak, but this appears to have been resolved in recent versions of PsychoPy.

Hi David,

This is V 3.2.4

Is it standalone PsychoPy or do you have your own version installed through Python?