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Matching to Sample procedure and Mouse-tracking data

Hello my friends.

I’m trying to design a matching to sample procedure by means of which I can collect mouse-tracking data from my participants. I’ll describe the task in few words for clarification:

The trials will start with the sample appearing at the upper portion of the computer screen and the participants will have to move the mouse cursor to the sample and click on it. Following the sample-observing response, the mouse cursor should be allocated at the position (0, 0) of the screen and two comparisons stimuli will be presented in the downward corners of the computer screen. The participants have to move the mouse cursor to one of the corners and select one of the comparison stimuli. Now, here are my two questions:

  1. Is is possible to register all movements made from the time the mouse cursor is allocated at the (0,0) position unitl the participant had emitted a mouse click to one of the comparisons?

  2. If yes, can I design this task using the builder?

Best regards?

I know you can design this task for a lab-based study. For the tracking of the mouse and for resetting its position, you’d need a code component. But that should not be too complex and there are plenty related questions on this forum.

For an online study, it’s not possible to reset the mouse position. The rest might also be feasible online.

Thanks, Lukas.

Do you know where can I find a list of commands that can be used to reset the mouse position and to register its track from the begining to the end of the trial? Is there some documentation or anything like that?

Last one: what is the data format? .xls files ?