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Make PsychoPy output copiable?



in this great and very helpful forum I’ve seen many topics in which error messages from the PsychoPy output windows were posted as screenshots. This is probably due to the fact that the output text is (as far as I know and in version 1.90.2) not easily copiable, neither by the missing Edit menu nor by using Ctrl+A / Ctrl+C etc.
However, topics including error messages in text form would make them much easier to find for search engines.

Therefore, I was wondering if it would be possible to allow copying in the PsychoPy output window in future versions.

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It is already possible using right-click on the mouse, but you’re right that I think the current set up doesn’t handle Ctrl-C properly (due to confusion about what the current view is active?). Happy to take a pull request on this


Thanks for your reply! I tried right-clicking, too, but on my setup (1.90.2 on Windows 7), it doesn’t have any effect. There is no menu and I can’t even mark the text. Is that a known issue?


Oh, no I wasn’t aware of that. Is this the output window from Builder or in the botom of Coder?


The Builder output. In the coder output, the right-click menu and all shortcuts work well.


Ah, OK, I never noticed that. We could explore why it doesn’t work there and/or add a copy button to the dialog if it can’t be fixed


That would be great. Let me know if you need any tests on my system.

Speaking about right-clicks in Builder: if a file has been selected in the conditions field of the loop property window, a right-click doesn’t have any effect either even though the tooltip says it’s supposed to preview the file contents.