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Made key press builder demo, how to submit demos?


There have been several questions asked on this forum whose problem ultimately ended up being that people don’t know the names of the keys that they want a keyboard component to register, because they’re not always intuitive and I’m not finding a list of them anywhere in the docs (i.e. “/” is called “slash”, the section sign was appearing as “world_0” for one user).

I made a simple builder experiment that will print the name of key presses to the screen, and thought that if you all liked it, we could add it as a demo, and ask people to run it to find out the name of the key press. I would also suggest we mention it on certain pages of the docs (like the page on the keyboard component, for example).

So my question is, first, do you think this demo is useful and maybe needs any tweaking, and more generally, how does one submit a demo for consideration? I saw the style guide for coder demos, but that doesn’t have guidance on where/how to submit.

Here’s the psyexp file:

keyNameFinder.psyexp (10.5 KB)

Thanks! Hope you’re all doing great!

Ah, ya know I didn’t think to check the coder demos (I never use the coder view, I just stuff myself), and as @jeremygray just pointed out in a recent post, there is a “” coder demo that serves the same purpose. Do you think it would be useful to have this “keyNameFinder” builder demo as well, maybe there are those who wouldn’t think to look in the coder view?

Either way, I still think it might be a good idea to add a couple mentions of such a demo in relevant sections of the docs.

I think a Builder version would be helpful – the coder one is too hard to find!

I suggest we do it not as a demo, but as a line under the Tools menu. Its a utility, not really a demo.

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I like the idea of adding this but I always like the authors of things to have direct credit for it in github. Dan are you able to use git/github to add the files and submit a pull request?

I think it could go both as a demo and (subsequently) we could add a Tools>Find key names entry that loads and runs the demo.

Suggested changes:

  • remove the experiment dialog box
  • shorten the intro text to e.g “This tool helps you find the names of your allowed/correct keys for your experiment”. Modern humans have short attention spans :wink:
  • change the on-going display to something like "That key was\n<keyname here>\n press another key or <Esc>"

Incidentally, Jeremy, wouldn’t the coder version be better if it changed the display in the window rather than using print()?

Hello Jon, great, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll submit a pull request as soon as I can today. (Where are the demo files? Though I’m sure I can find them if I look a little…) Thanks again!

Made the pull request. Thanks guys!

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