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Low resolution text in the online experiment

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or: Pavlovia


I am trying to run a simple text-based experiment online. I ran the experiment from my mobile phone but the quality of the test was not that good (see below). However, after 2 or 3 minutes, text quality changes and the experiment runs in high resolution.

I need to mention that even in other computers, I had the resolution problem (So, it is not specific to mobile!)

Is there any way to fix this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi @Omidrezaa.
I have the same problem. I couldn’t figure it out how to fix it. Did you manage to solve this issue?

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Hi @Yev,

Unfortunately I could not solve this issue which is a great concern for the paradigm that I used. I guess that Psychojs convert all texts to an image and that is why the resolution is not that good. Not sure.

That is shame, that this issue can’t be easily resolved. I’ve asked some colleges of mine who used pavlovia before when it was in beta state, it seems that wasn’t an issue back then.
The only solution that comes to my mind right now, it to display text components as a picture. That is to write all text in photoshop for example, and then display them as a picture not as a text. However, that solution is far from being perfect.

I tested using images and again, it was not that different. Maybe you can ask this question in a separate post to see if anyone has a solution or not.