Lots of warnings in the console when running online

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When I run my experiment online I get lots of warnings in the console. I am using google chrome. Does anyone know what could be causing them. I used builder to develop the experiment offline with some code elements but the warnings are associated with images and text being displayed.
I want to use the console to debug but all the warnings are cluttering it up.

log4javascript.min.js:1 WARN ImageStim.setMask visual-3.2.js 141 | setting the mask of ImageStim: rightbox10 with argument: undefined.

log4javascript.min.js:1 WARN TextStim._setAttribute util-3.2.js 861 | setting the value of attribute: size in PsychObject: text_31 as: undefined

Thanks Phil

Hi @philBartlett, you can safely ignore those warnings if your experiment is running to spec. Alternatively, you can completely turn off logging by adding the following line right after the import statements in your main script, x


Thanks Sotiri. My experiment runs fine and I tend to use the console to do debug online. Pretty annoying warnings but I can live with them fine.


Hi @philBartlett, sorry you can also moderate debug output by tweaking PsychoJS constructor settings in your main script as follows:

const psychoJS = new PsychoJS({
  // On by default
  debug: false

Thanks Sotiri. I have another question you may be able to help me with.
Now my experiment is working I want to analyze the excel data file. Before I can do that I needed to cleanup the data being collected.
I have unchecked “save onset/offset times” for images and text and that works great.
I also unchecked “Is trials” for loops and it did not stop data being collected for them. Is there another way to turn off data collection for loops.

Thanks Phil

Hi @philBartlett, no problem, your last question deserves its own thread in the Builder category I believe, tagging @Becca and @TParsons for more help, cheers, s.

I believe it should be here since turning off data collection for loops works locally but not online.

@wakecarter sounds like a bug, is that what ‘is trials’ is supposed to do, turn off data collection for loops? Or which PsychoPy option would the online library need to mirror in this case? Thanks, s.

Does this link help?

I haven’t got to trying it online yet. This is when I run it locally on my computer. The excel data file still has the loop data included.

In that case it sounds like a new bug. Is trials certainly used to work but I haven’t been looking at local data files much recently.

Sorry @philBartlett, which version of PsychoPy are you on? The current one is 2020.2.10, x


Are you happy upgrading? At least on desktop the bug may have been fixed?

I didn’t want to upgrade whilst developing the experiment. However, I just did it and everything still works the way it did. I still have loop events being logged in the data file.
I am now on 2020.2.10

@philBartlett If isTrials=False is not working then please could you create a separate thread about that. The current thread title won’t allow people to find that discussion. Could you also provide a minimal example of the problem occurring (ie. a minimal experiment) as I’m not aware of any issues with isTrials in the local installation.

I have created a new topic called.

Unchecking “Is trials” for loops did not stop data being collected for them

I have created a new topic called
Unchecking “Is trials” for loops did not stop data being collected for them