Loop is not repeating all the componants of the routine

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
I am playing two sounds with some ISI and with the key press ‘r’ the sounds should repeate and if ‘space’ is pressed it should move to the next trial. My previous experiment have been working fine online and offline with the same logic. but this experiment is not taking the same logic I have used previously:

if 'space' in key_resp_sim.keys:
    trials_sim.finished = True

Though it is working offline, its not working online. In online run it is playing only the second sound, and the first sound is getting skipped.
Since I have second sound to be played only after first sound is finished palying for this i am using
as a start condition. I thought it might be creating the issue. So I also tried to change the status in if condition with
Still it didnt work.

What would be the possible ways to replay the sounds?
I appreciate your help!

Thank you

Hi There,

Please can I check your structure is something like this demo? replaySound.psyexp (10.5 KB)


Soundpartsap6b.psyexp (148.3 KB)
thank you for reply!
I have attached the file.
The loop is working now. I have another issue in this that i am not able to solve.
I have key responses and slider response
it should work as follows:
if slider response in not given it should not take key response “space” the text message in code is specified
if q is pressed experiment should end
if p is pressed trial should pause and text is given to appear
if r is pressed sounds should repeat

all these are coded in main_block

Please have look it is not working this way.

Thanks again

Hi There,

Please make a new thread for new issues (with a title helpful for other users that might encounter this issue). If you can please write specifically what is not working i.e. what you expected to happen and what is happening instead, or share any error messages - that is most helpful.