Keypresses condition

Hi, guys I’m new on psychopy and wondering to know if there is a coding for keypress.

What consist my experiment?
My experiment is a task where the participant need to discover the relation between two images that will be presented on the screen. For illustrative puporse:

So, if the participant selects the right option, then a “Correct” feedback appears on screen. Else a “Wrong” feedback appears.

What I need?
coding for keypress.
I’m trying to avoid “response.corr” because this one isn’t work well.


We can’t help with that unless you describe what you actually want to achieve.

Hi @Michael thanks for you reply.

I edited the original post.

Create a new feedback routine. Insert two text components on it, one containing the text “Correct” and the other “Wrong”.

In the “opacity” field of the “Correct” text component, put:


and in the other, put:

not name_of_your_keyboard_component.corr

If you need some of the stimuli to carry over from the trial routine to the feedback routine, just copy and paste the components from one to the next as required. In that case, the participant won’t notice that that they’ve moved to a new routine, just that the feedback has appeared (and presumably the prompts to push the keys have disappeared).