Keypress in 2024.1.5 stores and compares array, not string?

Something wrong in current version w. keyboard responses?

OS (MacOS):
PsychoPy version (2024.1.5):
**Standard Standalone? (y)

Trying to implement standard keypress component in Buillder with correct answer in conditions file. Does not work.

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
Wrong no matter what - output in data file shows that Resp.keys is now a 2-member array of [‘string’, ‘double’] (64-bit class, I believe) but the builder is trying to compare the array to the key value obtained from the conditions file (string only) so it is always wrong.

If specific values are listed in the component, it does not advance. If left blank, it works, but as noted, always wrong answer.

Code component in the routine confirms that the corrAns value is being read in correctly. Data file shows the problem.

Include pasted full error message if possible. “That didn’t work” is not enough information.

Note: From

“Although the keypresses are a class they will test ==, != and in based on their name. So you can still do:” (then example provided)

It appears that this is not currently correct. The class is not acting in this manner (?)

Sorry - ignore. False alarm. This turned out to be a well-known Mac permissions issue. Although why it presented in this manner is beyond me.

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