Is there a way to create a PsychoPy docset for (by developer Kapeli)?

I was wondering if it is possible to download the PsychoPy documentation and reference to be installed offline as docset for faster searches. Ideas?

I’ve just had a look and it’s certainly easy for us to generate the docs in the right format (we already use spihnx and Kapeli provides a script to convert sphinx-generated docs to dash format). I’ve no idea if it looks nice or how to distribute but running the script and having it complete with no errors was pretty easy

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Thank you Jon for your prompt response. If I understand this correctly, I should download PsychoPy docs from your GitHub and then use the doc2dash generator provided on Kapeli’s site to convert PsychPy documentation?

I’ve downloaded the docs from the PsychoPy GitHub page and tried to convert it using doc2dash module to create my custom docset for Dash, also through sphinx converter, but it gives an error : (