Is it possible to tell from the data file whether the participant used an IPhone or PC/Mac?

Hi, I’ve been conducting an experiment online and for some participants I forgot to specify they must use a laptop or PC. Can I tell from the data file what device was used by the participant?
I noticed the data file has an OS column listing things like “MacIntel” and “Win32” - I’m guessing this means a PC or Mac was used by the participant? I’m not sure what it would say if an iPad or Tablet has been used - Does anyone know?
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hi @Arturo,

you might want to look at this. navigator.platform is the function that gives the “OS” variable its value. From this article, it seems to me that “iPhone”, “iPad” and “MacIntel” should be recorded as different things. So if you only find “MacIntel” you may have a reason to be optimistic.