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Is it possible to record auditory input, paired with an auditory stimulus, to a stereo track?

I’m trying to create a rhythm experiment that requires participants to listen to a drum loop, then join in and tap along to the stimulus on a MIDI drum pad.

I need to analyze how closely they are able to emulate the stimulus, so it’s important that I can compare auditory events accurately. It’s been recommended to me that I just record the stimulus, along with the participant’s input, to a stereo audio track.

I don’t necessarily need help with the mechanics of solving the problem at this point. I’d just like to know that this is possible, as my project is very limited by time and I am a beginner. Thank you for your help!

Hi was wondering if you have figured it out? I’m also trying to create a rhythm experiment using a drum pad but I’m quite naive with python and MIDI.

Hello! Do you want to skype sometime this week? It was complicated and might be easier to explain that way. The short answer is I would recommend not using a drumpad, but psychopy was great for the SRT part of the study!


Sure, that’ll be fantastic!! I’m quite free this week except for tomorrow 3 to 6pm (GMT+1). My email address is