Is it possible to make the text on the button random?

Hi, do you know how to make the text on the button appear randomly in different repeats?
I tried to use an Excel list, but couldn’t find a place that corresponded to the content in the input list.
Thank you all:)

My computer system is Mac OS Monterey 12.2.
The version of my software is PsychoPy version 2.3.

Hi there,

In the field “button text” of the button component, you can type $ and the column name in the excel sheet of the text you want changing and set it to “set every repeat” and it should change every trial.

Hope this helps,
Sue Lynn

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Hi Sue, thanks for your reply.

This is really helpful! It works fine now.

Thanks again

That’s good to hear! If you could please mark my reply as the solution, that would be helpful for other users with a similar question in the future :slight_smile:

Sue Lynn

Ah yeah! I tried the mark. Sorry that I didn’t know this function existed. This is my first time posting on this nice forum lol. Thank you:)


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