Is countdowntimer() still using self.add() instead of self.addtime()?

Hi, I’m really enjoying all the improvements to Psychopy, thanks!

I keep getting warnings thrown using core.Countdowntimer() Psychopy 2023.1.3 that:
“WARNING:root:DEPRECATED: Clock.add() is deprecated in favor of .addTime() due to the counterintuitive design (it added time to the baseline, which reduced the values returned from getTime()”

I know that this was apparently resolved, but the documentation for psychopy clock looks like the countdowntimer is still using self.add() instead of self. addtime() - it is on line 226 of

Is it possible to change this to self.addtime() in the next version? I’m not an expert on pushing things to git so maybe it can be added to the bugfix list so it stops throwing the warning?

replicate warning code:
from psychopy import visual, event, core
timer = core.CountdownTimer(5)
while timer.getTime() > 0:


Hi @Normega this one has actually been fixed by this commit in the repository:

Hopefully you’ll have no more issues in 2023.2.x onwards (but do check your timing works as expected)

Oh perfect, thanks I’ll update now :slight_smile: