Interpreting (component).started timing data output

OS Mac Big Sur 11.7.3
PsychoPy version 2022.2.5
Standard Standalone? (y/n) yes
What are you trying to achieve?:
Understand why music1.started gives the value that it does

Hi! I’m making a routine that will record continuous keypresses while participants listen to various songs, and I can successfully log the keypresses and their onset times. My issue is with accurately logging the onset time of the music stimulus that will play while these keypresses are recorded (“Music1”) and interpreting the keypresses relative to this time.

When I test the file, the onset (music1.started) is shown as a value of 10, even though I know the component started after what I would consider about a second. Even if my estimate is a little off, the routine definitely does not take 10 seconds to start.

Could anyone give me some guidance to understand why it’s showing a value of 10 here? If the value is not in seconds, are the timings of the keypresses relative to some other time?

“sync start with screen” is on for the music stimuli and “sync timing with screen” is on for key_resp.

Thanks for any help!