Interpretation of eye tracking data in hdf5 file

I am creating eye-tracking experiment using gazepoint GP3 thanks to psychopy!

And now, I am trying to interpret data after finishing the pilot experiment.

In order to understand what columns mean, I read an article from

But there are many more columns not listed on that page, like ‘type’ and ‘left_pupil_measure_2’.
And I don’t know the meaning of specific properties in ‘event_id’, ‘type’, and ‘left_upil_measure2_type’.

Are there articles or explanations about what meaning of each column and properties in the hdf5 file?

Thank you in advance!!

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@jgeller112 (hope I have your username correct and don’t mind me roping you in here!) I think you might be familiar with gazepoint with the new eyetracking components is that correct?

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So looking into the source code of the PsychoPy implantation modifies some of the standard GazePoint columns. The source code is not well documented but I think measure 1 is diameter in pixels and measure 2 is diameter in mm.

I have no clue what type refers to here. Are those the only two values type can take?

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Thank you for your reply!!

I found what pupil_measure2_type is from Pupil Labs - Core — PsychoPy v2022.1.2.
And it is diameter in mm as you said.

I uploaded an image to show what ‘type’ is.
The value was different depending on which file I opened.
For example, the type value was ‘54’ when I opened ‘FixationEndEvent’
and the value was ‘53’ when I opened ‘FixationStartEvent’.

And I have one more question!
Can I know how fixation event is defined??

Thanks again your attention!
Thank you!