Internal Error in PsychoPy

PsychoPy gives this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Applications/”, line 3267, in OnMouse
File “/Applications/”, line 3110, in insertRoutine
KeyError: ‘S1’

What is S1 in your experiment?

S1 is the second column here: test1.xlsx (29.4 KB)

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How do you use it in a component or code?

I wrote $Context in the text component for the first column (since the name of the column is Context), then I wanted to do the same thing for the second column so I clicked Insert Routine (to start another routine for the second column named S1), then this error popped up, and it has been popping up ever since.

If you don’t have any components using S1 then my next step would be to examine the spreadsheet for blank rows and spaces. However I can’t do this on my phone. Try exporting the spreadsheet as a CSV and then opening it in a text editor to check for blank rows (or simply delete the first 20ish rows beyond your final condition and check for spaces in the headers).