Independent Radomization PsychoPy Online Demo Using Sounds

Hi everyone,

An online demo of PsychoPy that demonstrates how to use independent random sampling with and without replacement was posted in this blog:

I am currently trying to make the same experiment but with sounds using pathfiles in excel but to no avail. Essentially I want to have a single condition excel sheet with filepaths for wav stimuli that has one column that is randomized with replacement and the other column is randomized without replacement and played at the same time. I’ll upload a screenshot of my excel sheet on how it looks like, and I’ll post the github link of the demo that I am trying to add sound to.

Github link
By: Wakefield Morys-Carter

Excel condition sheet: Where the voices repeat randomly until the tone column finishes its trials

Thank you!

You have a try like this

Please could you give more details of what you’ve tried and how if fails?

If you want to independently randomise 8 tones and 4 voices, you could duplicate the voices so you have 8 and 8.

I notice that your voices column refers to Simtuli not Stimuli.