Importing javascript libraries for use in an experiment on pavlovia

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Is it possible to use opensource javascript libraries on pavlovia? I am looking to find javascript equivalents of some functions from pandas and random from python.

The functions I would like to use are as follows:

The javascript libraries I am considering are as follows:

or any of the libraries listed here:

Is using a third party javascript library on pavlovia possible? If not are there any other ways to have the functionality offered by the python functions listed above?

Thank you.

I use PsychoPy loops to read Excel files into list objects or dictionaries

Randint is in my crib sheet

randint = function(min, maxplusone) {
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * (maxplusone - min) ) + min;

I haven’t found a way to write files but can send data to an external website (e.g. Qualtrics)

Thank you for the reply. I will have a look at this and see if I can get it to do what I need.

@wakecarter In relation to using third party javascript libraries on pavlovia is this possible to do?

If I use a loop to load an excel file (I assume that I do this by specifying it as a conditions file for the loop) how can I retrieve a value on a specific row of the excel file? Can I access these values outside of the loop that loaded the excel file?

For the issue of writing values to a file, I specifically want to change the values that appear in the excel sheet which is used as the conditions file. Since this excel file can be read, is there any way to update the values contained in it before the experiment terminates. The intension is to have the updated values used for the following participant. I could also use a csv file if this simplifies things.

Thank you.

What I do is append values from the spreadsheet to a list in a loop prior to the trials loop. Then during the trials loop I read from the list instead of the original Excel file. I first developed this method offline for inserting prospective memory targets into a lexical decision task.

Fredman Stein, K., Morys-Carter, W.L., & Hinkley, L. (2018). Rumination and impaired prospective memory. The Journal of General Psychology, doi: 10.1080/00221309.2018.1469464.

The method is demonstrated in my public template experiment Pavlovia

As for writing, I have to send information to an external PHP/mySQL website and then read updated information in via the expInfo dialogue box.