Import error:It seems that scikit-image has not been built correctly

Hello, I just meet some problems in importing the scikit-image. It shows: It seems that scikit-image has not been built correctly.

Your install of scikit-image appears to be broken.
Looking for your help sincerely

What operating system are you using, and if you using a PsychoPy standalone installation, which version? thank you

Sorry. I use MacOS 10.14.6 and psychopy 2021.2.3

Looking at the psychopy setup.cfg, it does not look like scikit-image is included in the required dependence list, so it is probably not intended to be in standalone PsychoPy build at all.

If you would like to see if it can be added in a future release you could submit a request on github.

If you are comfortable setting up your own python 3.6 environment on macOS, for example using Anaconda, you may want to install the psychopy package and dependencies there and run psychopy from your own python 3.6 env.

Thanks. But i’ve tried to install it by miniconda. I’ve successfully installed psychopy ,however,I can’t run it by the command
conda activate psychopy

is the conda activate psychopy command failing, or is calling psychopy after the env has been activated not working? i.e. does this work without error:

conda activate psychopy

then from anaconda python 3.6 interpreter:

import psychopy

Thanks. Now I can import psychopy and skimage. But I don’t know how to run the .py file I write.

If you created a psychopy anaconda env, this should work:

conda activate psychopy
cd /to/my/experiment/folder

thanks a lot. But I just have some new troubles in running myExperiment .py as shown in the picture

(base) vivideMacBook-Air:~ vivi$ conda activate psychopy
(psychopy) vivideMacBook-Air:~ vivi$ cd desktop
(psychopy) vivideMacBook-Air:desktop vivi$ cd 1005
(psychopy) vivideMacBook-Air:1005 vivi$ cd psy
(psychopy) vivideMacBook-Air:psy vivi$ python![1636769159905|577x370](upload://eyqm8TcAh4gLvFidfWc432sIpLy.jpeg)
![屏幕快照 2021-11-13 10.03.43|690x431](upload://drdbTfisfyh9hdTEV16e8aHeWHI.jpeg)

Illegal instruction: 4