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ImageStim very bad quality

Dear all.

I am using the following function to add an image to my experiment.
However, when I am resizing the image the quality get really bad, is there any way to sort out this problem? do you think changing the image format could solve the problem?

Many Thanks
Hosam Alqaderi

Is your original image bigger or smaller than 190x60 pixels? .jpeg and .png images’ quality generally deteriorate if you expand it bigger than its original size. If that’s the case, perhaps you can consider saving your images into .eps format first if possible? I’ve saved .eps images and manipulated it outside psychopy and the high quality was maintained no matter how much I expand/transform it. I’m presuming the same effect should be seen on psychopy as well.

Yes, image quality is not normally bad so maybe you could upload a copy of image1.png and a (if possible) a screenshot of what it looks like in PsychoPy window