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Images only loading to resource if explicitly added via additional resources

URL of experiment: movingObjSearch [PsychoPy]

What isn’t working:
Some images that I am using in my experiment are not always loading. For example if I define a list of image names in a code component and loop through them I get an error “unknown resource” in reference to images which are available on the repo. This method of defining the image works for some images but not for others.

What is working:

  1. if I add an image component and explicitly write the image name (even for the images that don’t work with the method mentioned above) into the Image name section of the component. This seems to work (however this does not allow me to flexibly loop through a list of images as I would like to do)
  2. the method from above IF and only IF I add all the images explicitly via the additional resources

I also tried a version in which I create an “html” folder output, but this resulted in not a single image being found (“unknown resource” error). This led me down a rabbit hole in which I discovered even in the absolute simplest case I was unable to use the html/resources folder to show any images. That is, I created a new experiment immediately defined the Online Output path as html and tried showing a single image which was held both in the main experiment folder as well as in the html/resources folder. This still resulted in an unknown resources error.

The 2. solution seems to be working for now but also doesn’t seem like the most elegant solution and ideally I would like to be able to utilize the html/resources folder for adding images. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks !