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Image delay, static component?

Hello, here is what i would like to achieve :

  • An experiment with 80 images of hand positions (for fMRI experiment) are shown with a delay of 7.5 seconds each
  • The person has to say with the left and right key button with which hand the image was taken
  • When the person answers faster than the 7.5 seconds, the image disappears as soon as he answers, and the next image appears when the full 7.5 seconds passed.

What i did so far:

  • I created a stroop with the 80 images, and each image disappears as soon as the person gives an answer, showing the next image directly

What is my problem :

  • I do not know what to do so that when the person answers for exemple after 3 seconds, the image disappears and the screen stays without any image (black screen for exemple) for 4.5 seconds (to have a total of 7.5 seconds) before the next image appears.
  • I tried using the static component but probably not the right way as it does not make any difference…

Anyone knows how to help??
Im sorry im very new to this and just started using this program for my master’s thesis in physiotherapy…
Thank you in advance!