I want to set the Grating color individually

I am trying to do research on color motion.
I would like to create an R-G grating and obtain motion aftereffects. However, the current psychopy specification allows only one color to be specified, but the second color is automatically set to the opposite color.

I would like to define a second color for grating like psychotoolbox.

In addition, I would like to have the motion by phase shift.

I do not have an idea to solve this problem with my technology😂.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Try messing around with the ‘contrast’ argument when creating your GratingStim. It just functions as a modifier on the foreColor argument, so you can’t name your contrast color directly, but with a little fine-tuning you should be able to get most color options out of it.

Hi there,

You can also use an image as the texture for your grating stimulus.

For the motion you can set the phase to be t*3 for example, depending on the speed you want. t is a clock that exists in PsychoPy that is the time since the routine started in seconds.

There’s information on this and more here.