I can't start my PsychoPy by error

OS: window 10 64
version: PsychoPy 2020.2.3.
standalone: y

every time I started a psychopy, I got this message below, and it was shut down automatically.
I wonder how to fix this error. thank you.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\Lib\site-packages\psychopy\app\psychopyApp.py”, line 104, in
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\Lib\site-packages\psychopy\app\psychopyApp.py”, line 100, in main
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\Lib\site-packages\psychopy\app\psychopyApp.py”, line 28, in start_app
app = PsychoPyApp(0, showSplash=showSplash)
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\app_psychopyApp.py”, line 226, in init
self.onInit(testMode=testMode, **kwargs)
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\app_psychopyApp.py”, line 416, in onInit
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\logging.py”, line 300, in flush
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\logging.py”, line 286, in flush
target.write(formatted[thisEntry] + ‘\n’)
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\logging.py”, line 206, in write
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy3\lib\encodings\cp1252.py”, line 19, in encode
return codecs.charmap_encode(input,self.errors,encoding_table)[0]
UnicodeEncodeError: ‘charmap’ codec can’t encode characters in position 68-73: character maps to

Hi, I have the same error. Did you fix this?

No. I cannot fix it even though i have changed my region. So i had to change my code to psychotoolbox.