How to use 3 different excels in the conditions in psychopy

I am working with a psychopy and I need to randomize the values from different conditions (6) in different columns. I know that the rows are related on each condition but I need them not to be. I tried making 6 different excels but i had not solve it yet.

At the start i had 6 conditions (condition_1, condition_2 and so on) on the same excel but i wanted them to be randomized and not related with the rows, then I made 6 different excel documents and put them on different loops but it didn’t work.

  1. Is there a way to code to import the 6 different datas from the folder and not from the condition folder on the loop?
  2. is there a way to randomize the different values on the 6 columns without relating the rows?

I’ll be glad to have some orientation, thank u so much