How to stop editable textbox components from recording keystrokes?

OS : Win10

What are you trying to achieve?:
Our experiment utilizes editable textbox components, in which the participant’s typed response to the textbox shows up later in the stimulus routine. We have two routines, each with a textbox component in it. Participants will type in a friend’s name in each textbox.
Our problem is that the textbox continues to record keystrokes even after the routine has ended. For example, a participant will type in “Jason” in the second textbox component, but in the later routines where we display the textbox response, it’ll display “Jason5555” (the '5’s being keystroke responses in later routines). We need the textbox component to stop recording keystrokes at the end of the routine in which it appears. How can we achieve this?

Thank you!

You could copy the textbox contents to another variable in End Routine and use that.