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How to start Psycopy on Linux


I installed Psychopy according to the instructions on your download page.

However neither your documentation nor your download page states how to run the software afterwards…

Entering psychopy in the console results in the system telling me that psychopy isn’t installed (which probably is because my Ubuntu 18.04 distribution has it’s own, very outdated version of Psychopy in the sources which of course I didn’t install).

So which command do I use to start a manually installed version of Psychopy?

Hi @peon, try navigating to the PsychoPy directory and typing psychopy. Failing that:

python /psychopy/Lib/site-packages/psychopy/app/


Thanks for your reply. Your command dindn’t work for me, obviously in my case the install directory is very different. However I finally managed to locate the (quite hidden) psychopy directory using ‘find’ and now created a menu entry for ‘python3.6 /complicated/path/to/directory/’ so that I can easily open it.

At first there were some additional dependencies that I had to install manually but now it finally works.

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