How to retrieve the total duration of a task?


I would like to determine the length of time a task took based on the when the data file was created and last saved to or finalized.

I am assuming that the date and time included in the data file’s name are when the file was created and that the file is created at the beginning of the experiment.

Please tell me if either or both of these assumptions are wrong.

If both assumptions are correct, then I need to know where I can find the time at which the file was finalized or last modified measured by the same clock so that I can calculate the total duration of the task.

If there is an easier way to get the duration of the task I am open to it. This is a task that has already been run and this information was not initially required, so it would not be possible to modify the code within the experiment.

Thank you.

Did the experiment saved the onset end offset times of the components? If yes I think you could subtract the onset time of the first presented component from the offset time of the last presented component to derive the total duration of the task.

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Suppose you want to record the reaction time of the entire experiment, you can define a global variable and add up the time periods。
such as :slight_smile:
globalTime = 0
globalTime = time1 + time2 + time3+…

You can use the file name (set at the start) and the time of the commit (set at the end) to estimate the duration. It might be worth checking a log file for a global time of the final event.

I’m not sure if the start time is set before or after the expInfo dialogue box.


Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for. Do you know where can I see the time of the commit?

Thank you.

Have a look on Gitlab at the list of commits.