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How to record responses of different tasks in Excel file in multitasking (prospective memory tasks)

I am a beginner in PsychoPy in Asia. Please understand that my English is somewhat poor.

My experiments are prospective memory tasks. This is basically a dual task paradigm. For example, during a category judgment task, you can press a specific key when you are at a certain time (for example, 2 minutes) while checking the clock. More specifically, if you press the spacebar during a category judgement task, the elapsed time on the screen is displayed for a few seconds on a digital clock. Then press the F1 key when it is less than 2 minutes. The purpose of the experiment is to know exactly how to press the F1 key when it is 2 minutes and how often to press the spacebar.

I built a digital clock in the builder through movie. I covered my digital clock with a black polygon. Then, by adding a simple coder, pressing the spacebar, the black polygon disappears for a few seconds and the digital clock is displayed. This simple process was quite difficult for me.

A categorical task is more than 100 trials and responds with q keys or p keys. Its accuracy and response time can be easily recorded in an Excel file. The problem is how to record the timing and frequency of pressing the spacebar and F1 in an Excel file. I have not found the code associated with it, and I am very confused about the coder’s use. Can I record it in such a way that I add a loop or trial without a coder? I have tried many different ways but I can not get it.

I want to know more about psychopy and have fun. I would appreciate your help.

  • Ji