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How to realize "continueRoutine = False" online

Hi, I want to know… Can I realize " continueRoutine = False" online? I am not familiar with Javascript, so I don’t know how to convert this Python script into Js. thanks a lot !

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The syntax is the exact same in Js. For example, the Js code

if (theseKeys.length > 0) {  // at least one key was pressed
      // a response ends the routine
      continueRoutine = false;

corresponds to the Python code

if len(theseKeys) > 0:  # at least one key was pressed
    # a response ends the routine 
    continueRoutine = False

(disclaimer: I haven’t tried to modify my own Js code yet so there might be other issues at play here, but it seemed like you just needed the syntax.)

Thanks for your reply . But in my experiment , I use mouse ,not keyboard . How to do that ? I couldn’t run my experiment online successfully.:confounded:

You could see my another post , mouse.isPressedIn()

It looks like your problem is with the loop syntax, not with continueRoutine = False. I’ll share the loop syntax on your other post!


I can’t seem to make the solution work, and don’t get why, the python code
if msg == 'correct': continueRoutine = False

works fine, however pavlova completely ignores the js code
if (cont == 0) {continueRoutine = false;}

did you manage to get it to work? I’m on 3.1.2.

Hi @Felix, you will need to put the continueRoutine code in the Each Frame tab in the JS code component panel. This is because continueRoutine is reset at the beginning of each frame, and so setting this in the begin or end routine tab will have no effect.


that did the trick. thanks a bunch for the prompt reply!