How to randomize groups of routines in Builder

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

OS: macOS Monterrey
PsychoPy version: 2022.2.4
What are you trying to achieve?
I have created an experiment in Builder designed to collect continuous ratings of a number of audio tracks. Following each track I also have participants fill out Likert scales on enjoyment and familiarity. Ideally, I would like to randomize the presentation of the routines (audio tracks). However, I would need the subsequent Likert rating routines to still be presented after each track. Is this possible? I have pasted an image below to help explain.

So for example, I’d need the Through_The_Land and Unlock_Down routines randomized, but after the Through_The_Land routine is played, I need the “ThroughTheLand_Enjoyment” and “ThroughTheLand_Familiarity” (the Likert rating routines) to be presented right after and not randomized. So pretty much I’m hoping to randomize groups of routines.
Is this possible?
EDIT: I should also add that the experiment is natrually broken up into 2 parts (half of the clips in part 1 and the other half in part 2). Thus, ideally I would randomize within those parts specifically.
Sorry if my explanation is not clear.

I’m working on something very similar at the moment (Emotional Stroop and Lexical Decision Task).

I’m using group (set by the VESPR Study Portal) to randomise so I have the following code in Begin Experiment

order = int(expInfo['group'])
list = 1
if order > 2:
    list = 2
order = order%2 

order is therefore either 0 or 1

nReps for blocks in 2
nReps for run_estroop is order - blocks.thisN
nReps for run_ldt is 1-order + blocks.thisN