How to present multiple saved text from csv files on a single text component?

I have a csv flle with the variables “Word1” if I want to present the contents of this csv trial by trial, then I only have to write “$Word1” in text field of a text component, However, if I have a second variable in the same csv called “Word2”, how can I present that along with Word1 in the same text component? I if try “$Word1 $Word2” it doesn’t work. I’m assuming there is some simple syntax I’m missing here?

Also related, how can I present text that remains unchanged in the same text component beside the text that changes from the csv? For example I would like to present participants with the sentence “memorize this word: construction”, where the word construction changes from trial to trial. I tried to include “memorize this word: $Word1” but this also doesn’t work.

Any ideas?


try $Word1 + " " + Word2 in the text-component set to set every repeat. Regarding the second question, try $"memorize this word: " + Word1 in a text-component set to set every repeat.

Best wishes Jens


This does the trick, Thank you!