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How to mark something during an experiment?


Is it possible to mark something on Psychopy? For example, I created a Spot-the-Difference task and I would like the Participants to mark the mistakes they’re finding, so that I can check later, which Participant found which mistakes… Optimally the Participants encircle the mistakes on the image and I can check the results later in the data folder…


Everything is technically possible but this is not a built-in feature. It would be easier to click at different places on the screen, record the click locations and test whether these were near enough to your target location to be considered a “hit”

To make that easier you might add some square shape stimuli (that you can then make invisible by setting opacity to 0) and test using a code component that says something like:

if mouse.clickedIn(square1):
    foundTarget1 = True
elif mouse.clickedIn(square2):
    foundTarget2 = True

hey jon, i try the same thing but mouse.clickedIn doesnt work (attribute error: mouse object has no attribute clickedIn) so i tried it with mouse.isPressedIn.
the experiment is running until the end, but it won’t save the data.
What do i have to do, that foundTarget1 is saved in the outputfile?

i wrote this in an code component under begin routine:

if mouse.isPressedIn(difference_1):
foundTarget1 = True
elif mouse.isPressedIn(difference_2):
foundTarget2 = True
elif mouse.isPressedIn(difference_3):
foundTarget3 = True