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How to manipulate survey flow on certain trials (continueRoutine=False)?

I am trying to build a decision making task by using psychopy. I have no previous experience with python or psychopy before so that’s why I am kind a stuck.

I have 15 trials and I am showing a pair of pictures on each trial. Participants need to select one of the pictures by pressing left or right arrow key. After they made their selection, I want to show them their selection and ask them about why did they choose that picture.

I have created a loop in psychopy and assingned a .xlsx file for showing my pictures in an order.

I am using these lines for determining the survey flow:

      if 'right' in secimtuslar.keys:
      continueRoutine = False

I do not want participants to see ‘nedensol’ routine if they have pressed the right arrow keys and vice versa.

My intention is to add some manipulation in here. I am planning to show ‘nedensol’ routine if participants press right arrow key on trials 7,10,13 and 15. How can I manipulate this? Should I have to create a new routiune for those manipulation trials?

You could try something that builds on what Michael suggested here:

Hope this helps.


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