How to make screen colour and foreground colour the same one with no contrast

Hi there,
I’m having a little trouble with my N-BACK TEST. More precisely, I don’t understand why the screen color and foreground one don’t correspond each other.
I chose these parameters:
Screen colour: 173, 174,178 #ADAEB3
Foreground colour: 173, 174,178 #ADAEB3
Stimuli were created by myself with ‘‘Pages’’ and the same parameters.
Here I added both an example of my stimuli and a screenshoot of the output:

This problem dosn’t persist with black or white screen.

Colours on PsychoPy tend to be three values between -1 and 1. For example, $[1, -1, -1] for #FF0000

Yes, but as you can see the colours are different even if I chose gray for both the screen and my stimuli.
I want to eliminate visual contrast.

I’ve found the solution by myself.
I’ve just changed the background of my stimulus and then I’ve modfified the opacity with no contrast.

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