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How to make images displayed randomly?

Hello! I need some help with my experiment. I have a sequence of stimuli: a fixation cross, a digit and 2 images. I need images to be shown up randomly and simultaniously. I uploaded an excel file with 2 columns pic1 and pic2, which have absolutely the same sequence of the pictures. I wrote “$pic1” and “$pic2” in “image” and “image_2” petrospectively but when I ran the experiment I have 2 same pictures displayed while I need them to be displayed randomly.

I think I need to use some coding here but I have no idea what should I write there.

Is your issue that you want to randomise the two images either in space or time?

No, the time and the space are fixed. My issue is that when two images are shown they are the same when I need them to be randomized. I have two columns (pic1 and pic2) in the excel file .

I wrote $pic1 and $pic2 in image1 and image2 routines in Psychopy retrospectively.

The images are displayed simultaniously. I established the display as random in the routine settings. But when the images occur they are the same (e.g image 1.png on the left and image 1.png on the right, while I need the to be displayed for instance image 1.png on the left and image 4.png of the right, then image 5.png on the left and image 3.png on the right etc.)

That sounds like you should look at my independent randomisation demo.