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How to keep rotating line when holding the key

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Hello, I am working on an adjustment task in which participants must rotate the line till it matches the orientation they previously saw. They have to press keys until they find a match, which takes a long time. Could you kindly assist me in making it continuous? ( keep rotating the line while holding the key). I can do it locally, but not online as packages do not work for JS. Many thanks.

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You could try something like this but updating orientation if the space is pressed How can I save keypress duration in online experiments? - #2 by wakecarter

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Thank you Becca. I am not sure if I understand what should I do. My problem is similar to what was asked here (Faster rotation). @wakecarter suggested a solution based on what he did for the screen scale routine (Faster rotation - #8 by wakecarter) but I couldn’t figure it out how to do it.

keys = event.getKeys()
if len(keys):
    if t-oldt<.5:

This bit of code says that if you press a key faster than twice per second then you should change the size (or orientation) by 5 times as much as you should if you press keys slower.

This works with multiple key presses, not holding keys down.

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Aha OK - that was my mistake I thought it worked for pressing keys down.

In that case - detecting is a key is pressed down is a little verbose in psychoJS can you achieve what you want through a mouse press instead and using

if mouse.isPressedIn(COMPONENT NAME):

it will be much easier

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Here is an example of how that would work:

files available here: Rebecca Hirst / method-of-adjustment · GitLab

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Thank you so much. It solved my problem.

Thanks for your reply!