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How to install PsychoPy 3.0.0 on ubuntu linux

I have PsychoPy 1.84 installed and would like to upgrade to the latest beta of PsychoPy 3.0.0

I have found the download page and the standalone installers for Mac and Windows, but how do I install on ubuntu linux? Even brief instructions on how to get started would help!

Yes, I’m hoping once we have a stable 3.0.0 we can get the debian (and therefore ubuntu) package rebuilt. There’s a more conservative approach to only packaging things when they’re stable.

In the meantime you can use a pip and/or conda approach to install it. The conda install method is descrbied by Ian Charest here:


Thanks Jon!

Those instructions didn’t make much sense to me (probably mostly my stupidity and the fact that I’m not using conda), and I didn’t have much luck installing using pip so I used virtualbox to create a Windows machine and that worked (almost) seamlessly, so I recommend that to anyone else who wants a quick workaround on Linux

After another go at this, I successfully installed PsychoPy 3 on Ubuntu Linux 16.04. It was surprisingly straightforward:

  1. Clone latest release from github. Open a terminal and at the command line enter

git clone

This downloads psychopy files to a folder somewhere

  1. Use pip to install psychopy on your system. In the parent folder containing the downloaded files. at the command line enter:

pip install psychopy/

  1. Launch by entering


at the command line. Worked out of the box for me, but maybe because I had already installed dependencies (see below)


Thread on installation issue for linux: PsychoPy3 on Linux installation issues (solved)

Instructions for installing if you use conda to manage python: (same link as given above)

xypython on linux: