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How to import sentences in to psychopy simultaneously?

OS: win10
PsychoPy version: 2021.1.4

Hi everyone,
I am conducting an experiment that I have to present 12 sentences simultaneously to the participants. The sentences have to be selected and presented randomly in psychopy, so I decided to use excel to randomize all of the sentences and then import them into psychopy.
However, I found that the text component in builder wouldn’t present 12 sentences simultaneously. Instead, the 12 sentences was presenting one by one.
So my question is that how do I import 12 sentences from an excel file and present them in psychopy simultaneously?
I’m so new to python and psychopy so any suggestions will be really helpful.
Thank you for your time.

By simultaneously do you mean in a random vertical order on screen?

@wakecarter yes! That was exactly what I wanted to do.
Thank you for asking!

Do you then have further sets of sentences?

One way of doing this would be to have 12 columns in your spreadsheet. In Begin Routine you could append the 12 sentences to a list, shuffle it and then append the items in the shuffled list to a text variable (interleaved with \n newline characters) that gets displayed.

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@wakecarter Okay, I will try to do it. Thanks a lot!
Another question is that I actually have to present 4 groups of sentences. Each of them contains 12 sentences. If I wanted to present the 4 groups in a random order, can it be done by using the routines? I have tried a couple of times but nothing happened.
Thanks again for answering!

If your spreadsheet has 12 columns and 4 rows (not including the header row) then you could do this.

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@wakecarter Thank you very much, your advice helps me a lot.