How to import more than 1000 images into the builder


I have a folder that includes more than 1000 images in it and want to present the images rapidly (10-15 hz) in random order by using all of the images but couldn’t figure out how it can be done. I guess I need to prepare an excel folder for it but don’t know how it should be done. Could somebody help me?

Thank you.

Hi @bbbb,

you have to create an xlsx file with a column “ImageFile” (the name is arbitrary) and have all the file names of your images in that column. Then, create a routine with an image component and set the path to $ImageFile and the componenet to be updated “every repeat”. Now, surround this routine with a loop, set it to random, and in the"Conditions" field enter the name of your xlsx file.

I hope that gets you started!