How to have psychopy select from different columns?


I am trying to create an experiment where participants will be shown a bunch of words (50) one at a time. Each word is paired with a photo. I want to make it so that for half of the words, no image shows up, and for the other half, the paired photo shows up. I want it to randomly choose which word is selected, and randomly choose whether the photo shows up or not. I want it to only select each word only once.

My solution:
I was thinking that I could create 3 columns: Word, Image, Empty
PsychoPy already randomizes, and randomizes by row, so the same words are always paired with the same photo. Is there a way so that when it chooses a word, it randomly selects either the image in column ‘Image’ or the empty characters in the column ‘Empty’? And to select the ‘Empty’ column half of the time, and the ‘Image’ column the other half?

Have a look at my Independent Randomisation demo.