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How to generate subset of items based off participant response

OS (MacOS 10.14.4):
PsychoPy version (v3.1.2):

What are you trying to achieve?:

New to PsychoPy and really loving the platform! I am working on a task that asks participants what values are important in their lives (e.g., family, leisure, health, etc). They are to respond quickly to the words presented on the screen as either ‘important’ or ‘not important’ (this part I have working following tutorials by Jason Ozubko).

After the first iteration, I am struggling to generate a list of ‘important’ words selected by the participant that is then re-presented, at which point they must go through the new list selecting ‘more important’ or ‘less important’. In theory this elimination process would iterate again and again until 3 words remain as more important (i.e., 3 most important values).

I would appreciate any ideas or direction to resources that may help! Thanks!