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How to deal with coding for lexical decision task

Hello! Basically I want to build a lexical decision task, where participants would be presented with the first few words of one idiom, and they can set their own reading pace and hit the spacebar, after which the final word of the idiom would show. At this time, they are asked to respond by pressing one of the two specific keys to judge whether the final word is a real English word or just fake word. They will be around 60 items in total. I don’t know what format I should follow to create the excel. And do I need to learning coding and write codes in the coder? Or is there any specific trial type for me to follow? Thanking you in anticipating.

Your conditions file will have 3 columns and 60 rows.

Column1: the idiomatic phrase
Column2: the final word
Column3: a value for whether the word was valid English or fake.

If you make that last column contain the same values as your intended keypress responses (e.g. 'y' for “Yes, this is English” vs 'n' for “No, this is fake”), then the Builder keyboard component can even score the responses for you as correct or incorrect.

Give the header cells for the three columns valid and meaningful variable names, like idiom, word, and correct_answer.

Lastly, watch this video to see how this all works:

Thank you for your reply. I will give it a shot. Since I am new to coding, I tried and found one online project on lexical decision task template. But it says it is designed for judge a strings of letters i.e. word.(See the screenshot I attached). Firstly, let me brief my task- double lexical decision task, namely present participants two words (perhaps more in the future) simultaneously and ask them to judge whether these two words are acceptable or not. Their reaction time and accuracy will thereby be recorded.
Based on the template I downloaded, I made a few modifications on the scripting by changing some key words in the instructions (e.g. word-acceptable; non-word-not acceptable). Accordingly, I change the stimulus in the excel from one word only to two words(and probably a few words in the future), but kept the column for “number _of_letters”. I tried to run it, and it seems to be fine, but I don’t know whether this can really work for my experiment purpose.

Thanking you in anticipation.