How to add drop down questions

Hi! I want to include a question with answer options from a drop down menu that participants can select. How would I do this?

You should use list definitions, such as gender


Do you mean at the beginning (see wen’s answer) or during the experiment (see my demographics online demo).

I meant during the experiment! I will check out your tutorial, thanks :slight_smile:

Is this to run locally or online. My demo only works online. I can’t remember whether the local form tool includes drop downs as an option.

Locally, Form :form: can’t do drop-down I’m afraid. The controls on a local Form are actually just a Slider :slider:; restyling them to look like a scrollbar, multiple choice selection, etc. is fairly easy as they’re functionally the same just with a different appearance, but a drop-down is functionally different. We do want to add one eventually though!

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In that case, if you do need a drop down locally, this is something that the science team could almost certainly code as a bespoke consultancy project.